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Pharma & Medical equipment - Monthly Trend

Source - Dubai Custom

Sector Overview - Pharma & Medical equipment

The global Pharma & Medical equipment trade (export + import) has raised to USD 4218.01 billion in 2022 increase of 3.46% compared to 2021 which was USD 4076.77 billion. The Pharma & Medical equipment trade represented 8.42% of total global trade.

Dubai Pharma & Medical equipment trade was 57.54 billion in 2022, increased of 15.03% compared to 50.02 billion in 2021. Pharma & Medical equipment trade represented 3.13% of the total Dubai trade. 

Dubai Pharma & Medical equipment exports were AED 3.77 billion in 2022 which accounts for 1.60% of Dubai export. The top exported products were: Ethers; acyclic, and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives, other than diethyl ether (HS Code: 290919), Medicaments; containing vitamins or their derivatives, for therapeutic (HS Code: 300450) and Regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus (HS Code: 903289). The top export destinations were: Netherlands, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, and India. (Excluding free zones).

Dubai Pharma & Medical equipment imports were AED 39.50 billion in 2022 which accounted for 3.66% of the total Dubai imports. The top import products were: Medicaments; consisting of mixed or unmixed products (HS Code: 300490), Blood, human or animal, antisera, other blood fractions and immunological products (HS Code: 300215) and Medical, surgical or dental instruments and appliances; n.e.c. (HS Code: 901890). The top import origins were: USA, China, Germany, France, and India. 

Dubai Pharma & Medical equipment re-exports were AED 14.28 billion in 2022 which accounted for 2.73% of the total Dubai re-export. The top re-export products: Medicaments; consisting of mixed or unmixed products n.e.c. in heading no. 3004, (HS Code: 300490), Surveying equipment; articles n.e.c (HS Code: 901580) and Lenses; objective, for cameras, projectors or photographic enlargers (HS Code: 900211). The top re-export destinations were: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq.


The Pharma & Medical equipment sector contains Sections No. (29-30-90).

Source - Dubai Custom

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