About Us



Dubai has proven over the years that it is the ideal global platform for many export and re-export companies to reach regional and international markets. This is due to high-quality infrastructure and excellent long-term development policies.

Dubai Export seeks to employ all its resources to innovatively develop its services and improve the overall efficiency of the export environment, with the goal of ensuring the diversified and competitive economic growth of Dubai.

The “Exporters Gateway” initiative
The Exporters Gateway is an information platform that uses an innovative mix of digital content and technical solutions, to serve exporters in developing national exports, raising overall competitiveness, and stimulating the growth of business associated with national enterprises – leading towards a more diversified economy.

The Gateway helps national companies to identify export opportunities, market their products, and access international markets and provides updated information and statistics on a daily basis throughout the year.

The Gateway helps exporters to determine trading partners and to identify opportunities in the international markets; additional exportable products; the most targeted sectors; and buyers.

The Gateway also provides export guides and tools that assist exporters in estimating freight and insurance costs, as well as determining the distance and shipping time between international ports.

The Gateway assists exporters in selecting the optimal trading partners, through a comparison-based process. Many other services enable exporters to bring their products to the international markets with ease.