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Rwanda's Huye district hopes for avocado export boom


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In Huye District, Rwanda, during a campaign event with Liberal Party parliamentary aspirants, local farmers expressed the need for improved seed varieties to enhance avocado production, aiming to position the district as a key exporter. The party, campaigning in Southern Province, outlined its manifesto focusing on agricultural productivity and exports, including the potential of avocado cultivation. Residents highlighted the necessity of investment in both the growth and processing of avocados, emphasizing the crop's role in women's development through the commercialization of agriculture.


Historically, avocados were undervalued in Rwanda, but with the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) reporting a surge in exports from $440,000 to $6.3 million annually, the crop's commercial viability has been recognized. The demand for Hass avocado varieties is particularly high, with projections suggesting that Rwanda could significantly increase its export capacity with the right agricultural interventions. The Liberal Party pledged continued support for agricultural development to enhance living standards and reduce poverty through modern farming practices.