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Scania CEO in Argentina foresees record exports for 2021


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Scania CEO Andrés Leonard Sunday said in an interview he foresaw a 75% increase in “exports from Tucumán to the world” of bus and lorry gearbox parts. The company has a manufacturing plant in Colombres, in the Argentine province of Tucumán and its output supplies the firm's worldwide demands. “This year is going to be very good for our exports. We are going to increase them 75% compared to last year. In 2021, which mark's the company's 45th year in Argentina, “we are going to have a historical record of exports from Tucumán to the world,” he told Télam as he underlined a total 120 new jobs had been created.


Scania has committed investments worth 45 million US dollars until 2022, of which 22 million have already been disbursed for the purchase of new machinery and renovations for the Tucumán plant, which include the arrangements of an entirely new gearbox “which fortunately we have decided to do in Tucumán,” according to Leonard. “This year we have a record of exports because the region and the world, and specifically Brazil, are generating a record in their volume of demand for trucks and buses,” Leonard explained


Leonard highlighted the new gearbox will be featured “in the limited edition truck that we decided to launch for the anniversary in Argentina”. Things seem to be going well for the Swedish company: “In March we reached a historical record with more than US $ 20 million in exports,” Leonard said proudly.