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10:16 dom.m. Bill Maher can't be too funny following the award to Heath Balance sheet. Pity that. Oscar for Best Documentary Feature would flow to "Man on Wire," James Marsh and Simon Chinn. They call down the film's star who is on stage in lower 20 moment. Hey, don't promise to give the shortest speech in Oscar history immediately after which going on to thank the Academy for believing in magic a great deal more of other thank you's. But nice that the principal of the film was there assistance accept.

NEXT DAY: Tallying up correct predictions. Looks like Received 16 regarding 21, mostly coming up short along at the independent films, documentary features/shorts, foreign language film, along with the like. Just missed certainly the big awards, probable because I'm not composing fan of Sean Penn. Oh, heck, I'm not a Sean Penn fan in. Hoping Mickey Rourke make more good pictures. Fans will be rooting for him.