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Gold & Jewelry
Gold & Jewelry Sector Overview

The global gold & jewellery market has witnessed continuous growth in the past few years and is projected to grow even further during (2019-2023). The market is expected to be driven by various growth enhancing factors such as the growing number of digital buyers, growing female workforce population, increasing middle class population, growing high net worth individuals population, growth of inter.....

Gold & Jewelry Trade
2017 2018 Change
Total Export (AED Billion) 63.80 47.37
Total Import (AED Billion) 186.77 200.90
Gold & Jewelry (% of Total Export) 44.40 37.31
No. of Products 17 17
Top Dubai Exporters / Importers (Gold & Jewelry)
Top Exporters to Dubai (2018)
37.6 AED Billion
12.23 AED Billion
China, Hong Kong SAR
10.38 AED Billion
8.37 AED Billion
7.78 AED Billion
Top Importers From Dubai (2018)
8.71 AED Billion
5.83 AED Billion
3.86 AED Billion
3.68 AED Billion
2.93 AED Billion
Top Importers from Dubai (2018)
Top Dubai Products (Gold & Jewelry)
Top Imported Products (2018)
Gold (HS CODE/7108)
104.39 AED Billion
Articles (HS CODE/7113)
49.06 AED Billion
Diamonds (HS CODE/7102)
43.65 AED Billion
Precious (HS CODE/7103)
0.83 AED Billion
Synthetic (HS CODE/7104)
0.75 AED Billion
Top Exported Products (2018)
Gold (HS CODE/7108)
36.92 AED Billion
Articles (HS CODE/7113)
10.12 AED Billion
Silver (HS CODE/7106)
0.16 AED Billion
Platinum (HS CODE/7110)
0.09 AED Billion
Waste (HS CODE/7112)
0.06 AED Billion
Top Exported Products (Gold & Jewelry)

“Key Products”: The “Key Products” are the top exported products from Dubai which account for nearly 80% of Dubai's total exports (not include re-export), These products cover the 7 key target sectors (Food & Beverages - Construction & Building Materials - Electrical Machinery & Apparatus - Plastics & Packaging - Gold & Jewelry - Perfumes & Cosmetics - Pharma & Medical equipment) these sectors and products are among the top exports of Dubai. The focus on these sectors and products enable the exporter to identify the opportunities available in the “Key Markets”. Exporter Gateway (EG) all trade data is presented using Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems (HS) (only HS4) which is an international nomenclature for the classification of products.
General Clarification: All exports figures do not include re-export.