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Electrical Machinery & Apparatus
Electrical Machinery & Apparatus Sector Overview

Dubai Electrical Machinery & Apparatus foreign trade was worth AED 373.57 Billion in 2018, decreasing at 8.15% comparing with 2017 which worth AED 404 Billion. Electrical Machinery & Apparatus trade was worth 28.7% of total Dubai foreign trade. Dubai Electrical Machinery & Apparatus export was worth AED 10.45 Billion in 2018 which traded with 182 countries (including free zones) and account f.....

Electrical Machinery & Apparatus Trade
2017 2018 Change
Total Export (AED Billion) 11.39 10.45
Total Import (AED Billion) 254.09 206.05
Electrical Machinery & Apparatus (% of Total Export) 7.93 8.23
No. of Products 135 134
Top Dubai Exporters / Importers (Electrical Machinery & Apparatus)
Top Exporters to Dubai (2018)
83.74 AED Billion
25.15 AED Billion
23.22 AED Billion
8.44 AED Billion
7.44 AED Billion
Top Importers From Dubai (2018)
2.2 AED Billion
1.81 AED Billion
0.66 AED Billion
0.49 AED Billion
0.26 AED Billion
Top Importers from Dubai (2018)
Top Dubai Products (Electrical Machinery & Apparatus)
Top Imported Products (2018)
Electrical (HS CODE/8517)
73.18 AED Billion
Automatic (HS CODE/8471)
21.06 AED Billion
Turbo-jets (HS CODE/8411)
17.72 AED Billion
Reception (HS CODE/8528)
6.42 AED Billion
Printing (HS CODE/8443)
5.42 AED Billion
Top Exported Products (2018)
Parts (HS CODE/8431)
1.84 AED Billion
Light-vessels (HS CODE/8905)
1.82 AED Billion
Insulated (HS CODE/8544)
1.31 AED Billion
Boards (HS CODE/8537)
0.53 AED Billion
Electrical (HS CODE/8517)
0.47 AED Billion
Top Exported Products (Electrical Machinery & Apparatus)

“Key Products”: The “Key Products” are the top exported products from Dubai which account for nearly 80% of Dubai's total exports (not include re-export), These products cover the 7 key target sectors (Food & Beverages - Construction & Building Materials - Electrical Machinery & Apparatus - Plastics & Packaging - Gold & Jewelry - Perfumes & Cosmetics - Pharma & Medical equipment) these sectors and products are among the top exports of Dubai. The focus on these sectors and products enable the exporter to identify the opportunities available in the “Key Markets”. Exporter Gateway (EG) all trade data is presented using Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems (HS) (only HS4) which is an international nomenclature for the classification of products.
General Clarification: All exports figures do not include re-export.