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Doing Business
Doing Business 2020 Rank
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Iraq is ranked 172 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings. The rank of Iraq deteriorated to 172 in 2020 from 171 in 2019. >p> Iraq is ranked 17 among 20 economies (Middle East & North Africa) in the ease of doing business according to the latest World Bank annual ratings.

Topics 2020 Score 2020 Rank Change in Score(Points)
Starting a Business 77.3 154 0.8
Dealing with Construction Permits 67.7 103 0.1
Getting Electricity 61.9 131 0.2
Registering Property 57.3 121 -0.4
Getting Credit 0 186 0
Protecting Minority Investors 46 111 0
Paying Taxes 63.5 131 0
Trading Across Borders 25.3 181 0
Enforcing Contracts 48 147 0
Resolving Insolvency 0 168 0

*Note: The ease of doing business score captures the gap of each economy from the best regulatory performance observed on each of the indicators across all economies in the Doing Business sample since 2005. An economy’s ease of doing business score is reflected on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the lowest and 100 represents the best performance. The ease of doing business ranking ranges from 1 to 190

Doing Business
Facts & Figures:
Middle East & North Africa
Upper middle income
GNI per Capita
4,770 USD
City Covered

Source: World Bank

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